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Just like in a physical library, you can find a journal and look through or browse the issues to find articles. Below are steps on how to do just that:

On the Library's home page, there is a large search box.

On the right hand side of the Library homepage, click on Publication Finder. 


In the search box type the title of the journal, magazine, newspaper or other kind of periodical that you want.  For this example, the journal's title is: Leader to Leader

After typing in the name of the periodical that you want, click Search.


On the results page, if the Library has access to it, you will see a link to the periodical you searched for.  You will have to scroll through the results to make certain we don't have access to it.  If you don't see a link, it means we don't have access to it.  Along with the journal title, you will see the database it is located in (outlined in red in the screen grab below) and the date range we have access to (highlighted in yellow).  The Full Text Delay (highlighted in pink) means that the publisher will not release access to the journal articles for the time period indicated.  In this case, it is one year.

Click on the name of the database the journal you are looking for is located in (in the pictured example below, it's Business Source Complete).  Sometimes there are multiple databases listed for a journal.  You can choose whichever one you wish in those instances.


Below is a picture of what the journal's main page looks like if access is provided by an EBSCO database like Business Source Complete.  Here you will find information about the date range we have full text access to as well as the date range for just the bibliographic information we have access to. The bibliographic information is only the citation for the articles.  It does not include the article at all.  If you only see Bibliographic Records and you do not see Full Text just below it, then we do not have access to the full text articles.  This journal does have access to the articles.

Here you can also see a short description of what kind of information the articles in the journal are about.  Where to find that is underlined in red in the screen grab below.

To browse through the journal, look over to the right hand side of the screen for the list of years.  Click on a year to see what volume and issues were published that year.  For this example, 2003  was selected.

Below you can see the volume and issues that were published in 2003.  Click on one of the issue to "open" it.

Once the issue is "open" you can scroll through and look at the articles that published in that issue.  To access an article, click on PDF Full Text

This is just one example.  If you are having difficult finding a periodical or article from one, please contact us

Also, see below for a video about the Publication Finder tool (the video has some different examples and details).  


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