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You can add the Library's main search tool, powered by EBSCO Discovery Service, to your Internet Explorer, Mozilla FireFox, and Google Chrome internet browser's search bar.  To do this, click the link below and then follow the prompts your browser gives you.

Add EBSCO Discovery Service to your browser!

Browser examples (from EDS Wiki):

Internet Explorer

Search the KU Online Library in Internet Explorer by first selecting the magnifying glass:

Next, click the "K" icon:


Now you can type your keywords and click Enter/Return on your keyboard to search the Library instead of a web search engine. 


The Library can be added by clicking the link above, then agreeing to add it when prompted by a pop-up message.  Click the "Add" button in the prompt. 

After adding the Library to your available search engines in FireFox, you can select Library from the search box's drop-down menu.

Google Chrome

In Google Chrome, the search bar link will be added as a search shortcut. The shortcut will be activated when you type in a shortcut keyword you assign to it. Clicking the activation link above will first bring up a dialog to add the Library to the search shortcuts. 

We suggest you make the Keyword search shortcut something memorable.  The example above uses library, but you could use EBSCO or even Shazaam! - it's up to you as long as it's just one word (NOT a phrase, it has to be one word to work best).  

Once done, to search the Library, type the search shortcut word followed by a click of your keyboard's space bar and the search term(s).  You'll know it's working when you see "Search KU Online Library:" appear in your Chrome search bar.

Note: This plugin currently doesn't work with Safari or any browsers other than the ones listed above.

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