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The steps and screen shots below will guide you in finding articles related to a healthcare administration marketing within a certain date range.  These steps can be used for other areas as well.
Just below the large search box on the library's welcome page, there is a link labeled Advanced Search
Click on that link.

To limit to the topic of marketing, click on Marketing from the list of topics below the search box.  And then look down even further for Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals Click on that to limit to peer reviewed. 

Then, scroll down a little further and check to make sure that the box below Full Text is checked.  The default is for it to be checked but it always good to be in the habit of looking.  Then, scroll down a little further to Date Published and type in your date range into the boxes.

Then, scroll up to the search boxes at the top of the screen and type your search terms into the top search box. For this example, healthcare administration was used.  You can narrow your searches a bit further by grouping your search words together.  For example:  "healthcare administration"  

For this example, a broader search of healthcare administration was used.  Once you have entered your terms, click on Search

The results will be articles from the date range you selected and about healthcare administration from marketing related journals.

The steps and screen shots below will help guide you to find out what journals the library has on a particular topic like healthcare administration marketing.

On the left hand side of the Library homepage is a link labeled Publication Finder

Click on that link.


Then, click on the link labeled Browse by Subject


You will again see the list of categories to choose from.  For this example, Marketing was chosen.

The results screen will show entire journals that are about that topic.  To narrow the results, look down the left hand side for the heading Subjects and then just below that click on the link labeled Show More

A large box will appear.  Scroll down to Health & Medicine (General) and click on that.  

The results page will now show journals that are focused on healthcare marketing.  Below each title will be a search box so you can search within that publication.  The databases the journals are housed in will also be listed as well as the years we have full text access to.  If you do not see the databases listed, click on Full Text Access to expand the information.

If you have any questions, please contact the library.

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