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First you need to decide on which 3 social issues you want to write about.  If you're not sure what qualifies as a social issue, ask your instructor to be sure!  But, for example, one social issue could be domestic violence.  In the library type words in the search box like this:
"domestic violence" criminal justice personnel
(include the "quotation marks" around "domestic violence"...The quotation marks tell the system to look for the words together, next to each other, in a phrase. Instead of one word in sentence A, and the other word in sentence B.)
Then click the Search button
On the next screen you should get about  27,000 results.  That number is posted just above result #1:
Some of these might be useful, but not all of them will be.  For example, #10 is:
No Ground on Which to Stand: Revise Stand Your Ground Laws So Survivors of Domestic Violence are No Longer Incarcerated for Defending Their Lives
Or number 12:
Lost in Translation: Domestic Violence "The Personal is Political," And the Criminal Justice System.
Both discuss how the criminal justice administration could do more to help victims of domestic abuse.
Then do another search, this time use correctional personnel instead of criminal justice personnel, like this:
"domestic violence" correctional  personnel
After you choose your 3 key social issues (with your instructor's help if you are in doubt), type in the social issue and search it twice, like we did above.  first using criminal justice personnel, and another time with correctional personnel:
"prison overcrowding" criminal justice personnel
"prison overcrowding"correctional personnel
parole criminal justice personnel
parole correctional  personnel
Each one will give you slightly different results.

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